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With a wovex label the quality of a mattress comes right up to the surface of it. It will provide the mattress with classy and a modern look. It can be designed and made in the desired shapes and measurements.


Standard woven labels are best suitable for any range of mattresses. We can design and make the label in the desired and measurements and shape.


The leather labels adds style to your best quality mattresses. They can be made from real or artifical leather. 

We can make laser engraving or Silk Screen Printing on them. 


Satin labels are best suitable for medium or economic quality mattresses. They seperated into three categories depending on how you will use them.

Self Adhesive Satin Stickers

Just take away the paper on its back and its ready to use. 

Hotmelt Ironed Satin Labels

This kind of labels are coated with hotmelt on their back. When you apply heat with and iron it sticks to the fabric and never lets go!

Sewing Satin Labels

Our most standard labels, they are sewed on to the mattress.

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